Compatibility table for EMI2/3 and SL5/6

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An informal series of tests by members of GridPP and others has yielded the following compatibility matrix with regard to EMI 2 and 3 versions of CE and WN software stacks on the SL5 and SL6 operating systems.

Compatibility Table
CE WN Notes
CE-EMI2-SL5 WN-EMI2-SL5 Tested - status quo
CE-EMI2-SL5 WN-EMI2-SL6 Tested – Raul
CE-EMI2-SL5 WN-EMI3-SL5 Not known
CE-EMI2-SL5 WN-EMI3-SL6 Tested – Raul
CE-EMI2-SL6 WN-EMI2-SL5 Status quo. Also tested by Chris (APEL workaround for EMI3 collector; useful for SGE)
CE-EMI2-SL6 WN-EMI2-SL6 Tested – Raul
CE-EMI2-SL6 WN-EMI3-SL5 Not known
CE-EMI2-SL6 WN-EMI3-SL6 Tested – Raul
CE-EMI3-SL6 WN-EMI2-SL5 Tested – Chris ("no worse than CE-EMI2-SL6/WN-EMI2-SL5")
CE-EMI3-SL6 WN-EMI2-SL6 Not known
CE-EMI3-SL6 WN-EMI3-SL5 Not known
CE-EMI3-SL6 WN-EMI3-SL6 Tested - Kashif (APEL workaround for EMI2 collector)
CE-EMI3-SL5 WN-EMI2-SL5 Not known (very unlikely)
CE-EMI3-SL5 WN-EMI2-SL6 Not known (very unlikely)
CE-EMI3-SL5 WN-EMI3-SL5 Not known (very unlikely)
CE-EMI3-SL5 WN-EMI3-SL6 Works perfectly - in production @Bristol