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This page will collect information from GridPP sites regarding their current deployment of job execution systems providing VMs, including Clouds. The information will help with wider considerations and strategy.

For sites with multiple VM Provider / VM Lifecycle Manager implementations, please create multiple rows.

Site VM Provider VM Lifecycle Manager Experiment/VO APEL accounting Notes
GridPP DIRAC ALICE ATLAS CMS LHCb Others (specify)
RAL Tier-1 HTCondor Condor Vacuum X X X X

RAL Tier-1 OpenNebula
Brunel OpenVZ

Imperial OpenStack CloudScheduler X

QMUL Gridengine (local) None Son of Gridengine CREAM No Yes Deploy cloudstack, find scalable solution to get our storage usable in the cloud
RHUL Torque/Maui (local) Torque/Maui support non-existent Will follow the consensus CREAM No Yes


Lancaster Son of Gridengine (HEC), torque/maui (local) Disillusioned with torque/maui. Slurm or HTCondor. CREAM, interested in ARC No Yes VMWare testing; Vac in production
Liverpool (Single core cluster) Torque Maui (local) Poor Support, Maui intrinsically broken Cream No NO None
Manchester Torque/Maui (local) Maui is unsupported. It had memory leaks. Robert wrote a patch and there was nowhere to feed it back into. HTCondor Currently CREAM, investigating ARC-CE No Yes Vac in production

Sheffield Torque/Maui (local) Torque/Maui support non-existent HTCondor is in testing mode CREAM CE, ACR CE is in test No Yes

Durham SLURM (local) No reason ARC CE No Yes N/A

Edinburgh Gridengine None No reason Cream CE for standard production, ARC CE for exploratory HPC work No Yes

Glasgow HTcondor (local), Torque/Maui (local) Becomes unresponsive at times of high load or nodes being un-contactable. Investigating HTCondor/SoGE/SLURM as a replacement. ARC, Cream Yes Yes N/A
Birmingham Torque/Maui Maui sometimes fails to see new jobs and so nothing is scheduled HTCondor CREAM No No Testing Vac setup

Bristol HTCondor (shared), torque + maui (local) None No reason ARC & CREAM CEs No X

Cambridge Torque/Maui (local) Torque/Maui support non-existent Will follow the consensus CREAM CE No Yes None at present
Oxford HTCondor (local) None No reason ARC CE in production Yes Yes OpenStack in production. Testing VAC

RAL PPD HTCondor None No reason ARC CE Yes Yes

Sussex (Shared) Gridengine - (Univa Grid Engine) None No reason CREAMCE Looking into it Yes