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This page is about the CVMFS service at RAL.

As described in the official documentation, CVMFS provides a scalable and reliable software distribution service. It is implemented as a POSIX read-only file system in user space, where files and directories are hosted on standard web servers as single source of data, and mounted in the universal namespace /cvmfs.

The STFC Scientific Computing Department at RAL maintains one of these single sources of data, or Stratum-0, for several communities:

  • GridPP
  • EGI
  • IRIS

This documentation is for the VO content managers.

Official CVMFS pages


Steps for a new VO Content Manager to be granted access to the Stratum-0 at RAL.

Request access

Request access to the service sending an email to In the email, include the following information:

  • Name of the VO or CVMFS repository.
  • Distinguish Name (DN) from your X509 grid certificate.

Mailing list

All VO content managers should join the CVMFS-UPLOADER-USERS mailing list in JISCMAIL.

Relevant documents

Read these documents:

  • [link_will_go_here_when_ready PRIVACY NOTICE]
  • [link_will_go_here_when_ready Acceptable Use Policy]


To login to the service, make sure you have a valid X509 proxy (with the same DN provided in this step), and execute the following command:

gsissh -p 1975

If you are the Content Manager for more than one repository, you would need to specify explicit which account you want to login to:

gsissh -p 1975 <myreposgm>

To copy data:

gsiscp -P 1975 <source><destination>

After login, you will find a single directory in the home directory:

[myreposgm@cvmfs-uploader02 ~]$ ls

Add to that directory the new content you want to distribute.

Files and directories cannot be distributed with CVMFS if they are not world-wide readable. You may want to ensure they have the right permissions with the following commands:

find . -type d -exec chmod go+rx {} \;
find . -type f -exec chmod go+r {} \;