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Setup within the UK - Overview

There are nominally four Tier 2 sites:
T2_UK_London_IC (UKI-LT2-IC-HEP)
T2_UK_London_Brunel (UKI-LT2-Brunel)

and six Tier 3:
T3_UK_ScotGrid_ECDF (does not currently support CMS)
(all associated with Imperial)
(looked after by RALPP)

How to contact CMS in case of problems ?
Ask your friendly Tier 2 contact person (Chris B, Daniela). If they can't help you (CMS internals are rather baroque), file a GGUS ticket. After much to-and-fro these are actually matched to CMS internal ticketing system. If in doubt, do both.

For the Tier2s: There is hn-cms-t2 *at*, or if it's more urgent: hn-cms-comp-ops *at*


Please also see the CMS section of the Monitoring Pages. However if you keep an eye on the links below, that should cover most issues.
For everyone:
CMS Nagios
The CMS dashboard.
To check your site: dashboard -> Interactive View.
Site status (from the dashboard).

For the Tier 2s:
Site Readiness Table and Site Ranking
Hammercloud: From the CMS dashboard, use 'Interactive View' and then set the filters to 'hcjobrobot' and 'Sort by' to 'ce' and stick your site name in the appropriate box. The hammercloud FAQ.