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Sites batch system status

This page has been setup to collect information from GridPP sites regarding their batch systems in February 2014. The information will help with wider considerations and strategy. The table seeks the following:

  1. Current product (local/shared) - what is the current batch system at the site. Is it locally managed or shared with other groups?
  2. Concerns - has your site experienced any problems with the batch system in operation?
  3. Interest/Investigating/Testing - Does your site already have plans to change and if so to what. If not are you actively investigating or testing any alternatives?
  4. CE type(s) - What CE type (gLite, ARC...) do you currently run and do you plan to change this, perhaps in conjunction with a batch system move?
  5. glExec/pilot support for all VOs - do you have glExec and pilot pool accounts for all VOs, as opposed to just the LHC VOs? Used for the move to a Dirac WMS.
  6. Multicore status for ATLAS and CMS
    1. ATLAS multicore jobs history for UK sites
  7. Machine/Job Features (MJF) enabled: - = not started; Fail = failing SAM tests; Warn = warnings from SAM tests; Pass = passing SAM tests
  8. Notes - Any other information you wish to share on this topic.

See Cloud & VM status for more status of Vac/Cloud deployment

Site Current product (local/shared) Concerns and observations Interest/Investigating/Testing CE type(s) & plans at site Pilots for all cgroups Multicore Atlas/CMS MJF Notes
RAL Tier-1 HTCondor (local) None No reason ARC Yes Yes Yes Fail
UKI-LT2-Brunel Arc/Condor ArcCE info system Spark cluster in test Arc Yes Yes Yes -
UKI-LT2-IC-HEP Gridengine (local) None No reason CREAM, ARC Yes No Yes -

UKI-LT2-QMUL Gridengine (local) None SLURM CREAM Yes No Yes -
UKI-LT2-RHUL Torque/Maui (local) Torque/Maui support non-existent Will follow the consensus CREAM Yes No Yes -

UKI-LT2-UCL-HEP Torque/Maui (local) Torque/Maui support non-existent HTCondor CREAM CE No X -

UKI-NORTHGRID-LANCS-HEP Son of Gridengine (HEC) Torque/Maui clusterDecommissioned, for for grid and local (tier 3) Sticking with grid engine CREAM, moving to ARC eventually Yes No Yes -
UKI-NORTHGRID-LIV-HEP (Single core cluster) Torque Maui (local) Poor Support, Maui intrinsically broken Cream Yes No No -
UKI-NORTHGRID-LIV-HEP (Multi core cluster) HTCondor (local) None ARC Yes Loooking into it Yes Warn

UKI-NORTHGRID-MAN-HEP Torque/Maui (local) Maui is unsupported. It had memory leaks. Robert wrote a patch and there was nowhere to feed it back into. HTCondor Currently CREAM, investigating ARC-CE Yes Looking into it Yes Warn

UKI-NORTHGRID-SHEF-HEP Torque/Maui (local) Torque/Maui support non-existent HTCondor is in testing mode CREAM CE, ACR CE is in test Yes No Yes -

UKI-SCOTGRID-DURHAM SLURM (local) No reason ARC CE Yes Yes -

UKI-SCOTGRID-ECDF Gridengine None No reason Cream CE for standard production, ARC CE for exploratory HPC work No Yes -

UKI-SCOTGRID-GLASGOW HTcondor (local), Torque/Maui (local) Becomes unresponsive at times of high load or nodes being un-contactable. Investigating HTCondor/SoGE/SLURM as a replacement. ARC, Cream Yes Yes -
UKI-SOUTHGRID-BHAM-HEP Torque/Maui Maui sometimes fails to see new jobs and so nothing is scheduled HTCondor CREAM No No -

UKI-SOUTHGRID-BRIS HTCondor (shared), torque + maui (local) None No reason ARC & CREAM CEs, plan to move to HTCondor CE On roadmap No No -

UKI-SOUTHGRID-CAM-HEP Torque/Maui (local) Torque/Maui support non-existent Will follow the consensus CREAM CE Yes No Yes Warn
UKI-SOUTHGRID-OX-HEP HTCondor (local) None No reason ARC CE in production Yes Yes Yes -

UKI-SOUTHGRID-RALPP HTCondor None No reason ARC CE Yes Yes Yes -

UKI-SOUTHGRID-SUSX (Shared) Gridengine - (Univa Grid Engine) None No reason CREAMCE Looking into it Yes -