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The WLCG Information System is used to discover services and get status information about WLCG resources. It is important to ensure high reliability of the WLCG Information System Service to support the LCH experiments. To insure this high availability the service must have a critical level SLA defining emergency and after hour procedures. To ensure this availability to a worldwide community the WLCG has deployed a plan to run 12 geographically dispersed services. The OSG has offered to run this service for BNL (USATLAS) and FNAL (USCMS).

This document will set forth a plan outlining the steps necessary to procure hardware, install the OS and Service software, and bring the service online as a production level critical service.

The BDII (Berkeley Database Information Index) is a Perl / BDB 'glue' used to manage LDAP updates.

See for more details.

For the deployment of a Top Level BDII please reference:

UK Overview

The requirements for multiple top level BDIIs and their geographic location to ensure resilience has been investigated.

Presently, RAL, Imperial and Manchester all run top level BDII services.
This service is required predominantly for the WMS platform.

UK Deployment Issues

Due to the hub and spoke nature of the GridPP deployment in the UK with RAL at the core of the deployment and the Thames Valley centric nature of the JANET networks connection to GEANT there is little requirement presently to deploy more top level BDIIs in the UK.

Future for BDII services

Presently the BDII appears to be a stable and long term component of Grid deployments, however as it is predominantly required for the function of WMS platforms and architectural changes may impact its longevity.

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