ARC HTCondor Accounting

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This page explains how APEL accounting is done at the RAL Tier-1 in order to ensure that CPU benchmarks are taken into account properly.

HTCondor configuration

The HTCondor configuration on the worker nodes includes the following, for example:

RalScaling = 2.14

Here RalScaling is a scaling factor used to normalize the CPU benchmarks. Quattor is configured to do this automatically.

The HTCondor configuration on the ARC CEs contains:

# CPU benchmark scaling factor
MachineRalScaling = "$$([ifThenElse(isUndefined(RalScaling), 1.00, RalScaling)])"

This causes the attribute MachineRalScaling to be added to job ClassAds, and is available as MATCH_EXP_MachineRalScaling.

ARC CE configuration

We include the following line in the [grid-manager] section of /etc/arc.conf:

authplugin="FINISHING timeout=60,onfailure=pass,onsuccess=pass /usr/local/bin/ %S %C %I"

where is available here: This scales the CPU and walltimes in the files from which the ARC CE extracts accounting information.

The following lines should be included in /etc/arc.conf in order to ensure that the ARC CE will send its accounting records to APEL:

jobreport_credentials="/etc/grid-security/hostkey.pem /etc/grid-security/hostcert.pem /etc/grid-security/certificates"

The site name and benchmark above should be modified as necessary of course.


In order for an ARC CE to have permission to send accounting records to the production APEL broker, the CE must be registered in the GOC DB as a glite-APEL node type with the host DN specified.