The GridPP UserGuide


This section contains brief notes on specific problems users have encountered when working on specific systems, generally raised via the GitHub Issues page.


Ganga isn't working.

If you're having problems with Ganga, the best thing to do is to raise an issue with the Ganga dev team through the GitHub repository. At the time of writing, we've been using Ganga version 6.3.1 - but as Ganga is under active development this may change so you may want to watch the repository too.

Ganga throws errors relating to not being able lock files.

If the file system your cluster is based on can't handle (or hasn't been set up to allow) file locks, which Ganga uses. If your home directory is on such a file system (e.g. NFS), files in your ~/gangadir won't be lockable and Ganga won't work. Assuming your cluster can't be reconfigured, the simplest thing to do is change the location of your gangadir to somewhere that can handle file locks, such as a scratch directory on the cluster. To do this, set the gangadir option in ~/.gangarc to something like:

gangadir = /scratch/alovelace/gangadir

and restart Ganga in the usual way.

My problem isn't listed here and search engines aren't helping either.

Raise an issue on the GitHub issues page and we'll see if we can help!

Good luck!