The GridPP UserGuide

Creating a Grid UI with a GridPP CernVM - Checklist

  • I have installed some virtualisation software on my local machine that is compatible with the CernVM images listed here.
  • I have downloaded the corresponding CernVM image to my local machine from the CernVM image download page.
  • I have created a new guest VM on my local machine using the CernVM image;
  • I have registered with the CernVM service here (or I am a CERN computing account holder);
  • I have generated a six-digit PIN to pair my CernVM with the GridPP context via the CernVM Marketplace
  • I have entered the six-digit PIN (preceeded by the hash symbol) into the login prompt of my newly-booted CernVM;
  • I have logged in to my new GridPP CernVM using the gridpp user account;
  • I have accessed folders from my local machine's hard disk from my GridPP CernVM.