The GridPP UserGuide

Getting on the Grid - Testing

Your grid certificate

  • Viewing your certificate details: visit this website with the broswer in which your certificate is installed. You should see your grid certificate details displayed.

Joining a Virtual Organisation

First steps with DIRAC

  • Accessing the GridPP DIRAC server: access with your browser. If your grid certificate has been successfully installed in your browser, you should be asked to identify yourself with the certificate in question. You will then see the GridPP DIRAC server homepage. Check the bottom right-hand corner - if you can only see Visitor and not your username and DN, something has gone wrong and you are not (or rather, your certificate is not) not registered with the GridPP DIRAC server.
  • Joining the GridPP DIRAC mailing list: once you have subscribed and have been approved, you should be able to view the subscribers list from the list homepage and confirm that you are indeed on it.