The GridPP UserGuide

First steps: Hello World(s)! - Testing

  • Running Ganga from the command line: if you have successfully run Ganga, you should now have the following in your $HOME directory:

    $ cd $HOME
    $ ls ~/.gangarc
    $ ls ~/gangadir
    repository  shared  thread_trace.html  workspace
  • Looking at the output from local Ganga jobs: assuming you haven't removed them (you can always re-run them again if you have), you should be able to find the actual output files from your jobs in your gangadir. So for user alovelace's job 0, the output can be found in:

    $ ls $HOME/gangadir/workspace/alovelace/LocalXML/0/output/
    __jobstatus__ stdout stderr __syslog__

    You should see something similar (and you can look at the output in stdout directly if you like!).