The GridPP UserGuide

Putting Data on the Grid - Checklist

  • I know what a Grid Storage Element (SE) is;
  • I know what the DIRAC File Catalog (DFC) is and what it is used for;
  • I know what LFN stands for and what it means with respect to the DFC;
  • I can access the DIRAC File Catalog Command Line Interface (DFC CLI);
  • I can find the Grid Storage Elements (SEs) available for me to use;
  • I can use tab-complete with dirac-dms- to find the available DIRAC command;
  • I can list the contents of my Virtual Organisations's area in the DFC
  • I can create a user area within this area and set the permissions accordingly;
  • Using both the DFC CLI and the DFC command line tools, I can:
    • upload and download files to and from an SE;
    • replicate files to another SE;
    • remove a replica from a specified SE;
    • remove a file from the DFC.
  • I know how to assign metadata to an LFN using the DFC CLI.