The GridPP UserGuide

Getting Help

There are many ways of getting help and support if you run into problems while working through the GridPP UserGuide. If you don't happen to have a GridPP expert in the office down the corridor, you can try the methods described below.

Check the troubleshooting guide

We've added a short troubleshooting guide for problems that users have come across that we know are specific to particular systems, generally raised via the GitHub Issues page. It might be worth checking here first for anything obvious.

Googling the error

We can't possibly account for every error a user might encounter when working through the UserGuide, so on encountering a problem your first port of call should be sticking the error message into your Search Engine of Choice.

This is actually a pretty good approach to software development in general. Thanks to vibrant, enthusastic communities like those at StackExchange many common computing gotchas have been documented and solved on the World Wide Web - so it's always worth checking!

Issue tracking via GitHub

The easiest way to report problems, make suggestions, or submit comments about the UserGuide is by raising an issue on the GridPP UserGuide GitHub repository. Simply log in to GitHub, visit the UserGuide issues page and click on the New issue button.

Provide as much information as you can when raising an issue. You can also use the MarkDown format to create hyperlinks and add formatting to your issue.

We'll then have a public record of the issue which we can then aim to solve as soon as we can. It's also possible to link issues to the pull requests that fix them.

Don't forget to Watch the repository too. You can do this by going to the repository, signing in with your GitHub account, and clicking on the Watch button at the top-right of the page. You'll then be kept up-to-date with issues and new versions as the UserGuide evolves over time.

Mailing lists

A great way to tap into the expertise represented by the GridPP Collaboration is to join one of the mailing lists in the table below. You'll need a valid email address, but if you've read the prerequisites you know that already.

List Description Subscribe
GRIDPP-USERS A list for announcements and discussions aimed at UK Grid users. JISCMail
GRIDPP-SUPPORT A list for discussion and support aimed at UK Grid users. JISCMail
These mailing lists are public, so keep it nice people!

Contact us

Finally, if none of the other methods yield results, drop us a line using the details on our contact page.

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