GridPP Middleware workshop

4-5th March 2004

Thursday 4th - Royal National Hotel,
Bedford Way, Russell Square, WC1H 0DG (0207 637 2488) Map

Friday 5th - UCL Engineering 212, UCL Torrington Place/Malet Street. Map

The workshop will run from 10:45 on Thursday 4th March through to Friday 5th March at lunchtime. The Technical Board will convene on the Friday afternoon to discuss specifics in planning and to prepare feedback to the PMB.

Please inform Robin Middleton if you will be attending, in order that we can plan meeting rooms etc.

Accommodation at nearby hotels for the Thursday night is possible. Please send an email to Christine Johnston giving your requirements.


Thursday 4th
Royal National Hotel, Bedford Way,Russell Square, WC1H 0DG

10:30am Tea / coffee
10:45am Welcome/Introduction (purpose of the workshop, etc)
Peter Clarke / Robin Middleton
11:00 -13:00 DataGrid Wrap-up - UK Aspects
  WP1 : Workload Management - Dave Colling
WP2 : Data Management - Gavin McCance
WP3 : Information & Monitoring - Steve Fisher
WP4 : Fabric Management - Lex Holt
WP5 : Storage Element - Jens Jensen
WP6 : Testbeds - Steve Traylen
WP7 : Networking - Paul Mealor
WP8 : Applications - Stephen Burke
Security - Linda Cornwall
13:00 - 14:00 Lunch
14:00 - 17:00 GridPP-2 Planning (session 1)
  EGEE Middleware & ARDA - Steve Fisher
WS(RF) Overview - Abdeslem Djaoui
15:00 Tea/coffee

Workload - Dave Colling
Security - Andrew McNab
Networking - Peter Clarke

Friday 5th
UCL Engineering 212, UCL Torrington Place/Malet Street

9:30 - 12:30 GridPP-2 Planning (session 2)
  OMII - Alistair Dunlop
First feedback from DC04 (CMS) - Dave Newbold


Metadata - Gavin McCance
Data & Storage - Jens Jensen
Information & Monitoring - Steve Fisher

13:00 - 14:00 Lunch
14:00 - 17:00 Technical Board Meeting
  Discussion of GridPP2, planning, etc.


The primary objectives of the workshop will be three-fold...

  • To review the achievements, lessons learned, etc from GridPP participation in DataGrid. This should NOT be lengthy, but is a necessary part of finalising involvement in EDG and moving on.

  • To review the short-term plans between the end of DataGrid and the start of GridPP2. In this ~6 month period LCG-2 will be in production and EGEE will start up. With the end of DataGrid we need to ensure that the work programme remains focused on GridPP overall objectives.

  • To review the detailed plans of each middleware area for GridPP2. The original proposal outlined the plans and the recent Proforma-2s revised this in the light of the approval by PPARC. Details now need to be worked on, sufficient so that deliverables can be defined for the GridPP2 Project Map and programmes of work can be put in place.