Security policies

The grid security policies are prepared and maintained by the Joint Security Policy Group (JSPG) (, approved by management and thereby endorsed and adopted by the Grid as a whole.

Please note: It was agreed by the Grid Deployment Board (GDB) at a meeting on 13th January, 2004 that all LCG Policy documents remain valid until such time as they are updated.

The following are links to the most uptodate LCG/EGEE Joint Security Policy Group policies.

The core set:

  • Security and Availability Policy (Policy Status: Released)
  • This policy is the top-level policy document. It defines the roles and responsibilities of all grid participants.You should always read this policy first. The APPROVED version of this document is available at

  • Grid Acceptable Use Policy (Policy Status: Released)
  • This is a one page policy file for ALL grid users. Users must accept and agree to abide by Acceptable User Policy (AUP) before they can use the services and resources provided by the grid. All grid users should read this policy file. The APPROVED version of this document is available at

  • Virtual Organisation Security Policy (Policy Status: Released)
  • This policy defines a set of responsibilities placed on the members of the VO and the VO as a whole through its managers. It aims to ensure that all Grid participants have sufficient information to properly fulfil their roles with respect to interactions with a Virtual Organisation (VO). You should read this policy if you want to register a new VO, or you are VO management and/or you are ordinary VO members. The APPROVED version of this policy is available at .

Sub-policy set:

More information about JSPG

    JSPG Meetings:
    JSPG Website:

Other JSPG Policies (under discussion or waiting for approval)

There are some more security policies under developement, which can be found at CERN EDMS (You might use the EDMS Document Number to locate the policy document)
  • Grid Security Policy (EDMS Document Number: 428008) (After approval, it will replace above Security and Availability Policy)
  • Grid Site Operations Policy (EDMS Document Number: 819783)
  • Virtual Organisation Operations Policy (EDMS Document Number: 853968)
  • Policy on Grid Multi-User Pilot Jobs (EDMS Document Number: 855383)
  • Grid Security Logging and Traceability Policy (EDMS Document Number:428037) (After approval, it will replace above Audit Requirements Policy)

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