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In addition to building working Grid of significant scale, deploying Grid Middleware for use by Particle Physics and other Applications, GridPP is involved in the following other projects:

Public computing

The GridPP contribution to CERN's LHC@home project. LHC@home uses public computing (like SETI@home) to simluate the paths of particles around the Large Hadron Collider.

Authorization tools

A certificate-based website management system, that allows members of an organisation to collaborate in maintaining pages etc. Authentification is based on Grid credentials, but with unmodified web browsers such as Netscape and Internet Explorer. GridSite is used for the GridPP website you are reading now.

SlashGrid is a framework for building Grid-aware local and remote filesystems, where files are "owned" according to certificate name rather than Unix UID.

A library used by GridSite and SlashGrid to parse Grid Access Control Lists in XML.

gridmapdir dynamic accounts
A small patch to Globus 1.1.3/2.0b which allows the dynamic leasing of Unix accounts from a pool to incoming jobs and gridftp requests. This removes the need to pre-create large numbers of accounts at sites, one for each user who may one day want access.

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