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NorthGrid is one of the four regional Tier-2 centres of GridPP. It is distributed between the Universities of Lancaster, Liverpool, Manchester and Sheffield, and the Daresbury Laboratory.

"The Daresbury Laboratory and the university HEP groups in the North of England are already commissioning large-scale computing hardware for the Grid, with leading involvements in Grid prototype projects. These successful developments have led us to the belief that the North would be well served if our individual facilities were combined into a distributed Tier-2 facility for particle physics, linking existing machines and personnel. We propose to call this NorthGrid. It will serve the HEP groups in the region by efficient exploitation of existing and future resources, and could be the basis for a PetaGrid that will serve the wider community in the North.

The institutions in NorthGrid are involved in all of the major Grid-client experiments except CMS. In particular, all of the groups are in ATLAS, and will be participating the in the Grid-based Data Challenges. Lancaster, Liverpool and Manchester are involved in Tevatron experiments and the Gridification of SAM. Manchester and Liverpool are in BaBar and are responsible for much of the BaBar Grid activity. So there is already close interworking between the groups, and well-developed lines of communication between the experts from the different sites. The region includes a regional eScience centre, the eBusiness centre, and one arm of the CLRC eScience centre; the establishment of a Tier 2 organisation will enable existing ties with these agencies to be developed and strengthened."

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The Tier-2 Expression of Interest from the NorthGrid institutions to GridPP is available in .doc and .pdf formats.

The NorthGrid MoU signed in October 2004 is available in .doc and .pdf formats.

Current status

Alessandra Forti' NorthGrid talk at GridPP12 (1 Feb 2005)

Previous presentations


Technical Board: a system manager from each of the participating sites, technical coordinator (chair).

Members: Peter Love (Lancaster), Michael George (Liverpool), Alessandra Forti (Manchester), Paul Hodgson (Sheffield).Technical Coordinator and chair: Alessandra Forti

Management Board: a representative from each site, a representative from each stakeholder contributing more than 10%, technical coordinator (non-voting).

Members: Roger Jones (Lancaster), Mike Houlden (Liverpool), Roger Barlow (Manchester), Dan Tovey (Sheffield), Alessandra Forti (Tech Coord).Chair: Roger Jones

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