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6th GridPP Collaboration Meeting at Coseners House
December 20th, 2002

The 6th GridPP Collaboration Meeting will be held at Coseners House on 30th-31st January 2003. For full details and registration details see Read more…

UK Government announces a further 31.6M for PPARC's e-Science Programme
December 10th, 2002

Following the increased funding for science announced by the Government, PPARC will receive a further 31.6M to continue its e-Science programme throughout the period of the Spending Review, 2003-04 to 2005-06. Read more…

DataGrid Tutorial held at NeSC
December 5th, 2002

The DataGrid tutorial, which had previously only been held at CERN, was held at NeSC in Edinburgh on 2-3 December 2002. Read more…

CDF and D0 use SAM Grid for Analysis
November 22nd, 2002

Physicists from the FNAL Collaborations CDF and D0, are sucessfully using SAM Grid for Analysis. Currently about 11 sites on three continents, some from CDF, some from D0, are participating. for more details. A demonstration of SAM Grid in operation was shown at SC2002 in Baltimore, USA. Read more…

Version 1.3 of EDG Software Released
November 15th, 2002

Version 1.3 of the European DataGrid Middleware was released on 11 November 2002. The explicit goal of the EDG’s new release is to support production quality Grid computing. For further details see Read more…

Grid Demonstrations at IST2002 and SC2002
November 8th, 2002

A number of demonstrations involving GridPP have been put together for the IST2002 and SC2002 Conferences, including the iVDGL (International Virtual Data Grid Laboratory) and DataTAG ‘WorldGrid’ demonstration, SAM-Grid and the EDG Replica Location Service demonstration. See to access these demonstrations and other web-based demonstrations. Read more…

DataGrid Tutorials
October 28th, 2002

The EU DataGrid project is holding a number of tutorials aimed at users wishing to get a practical introduction to grids and “gridify” their applications using DataGrid software. On 2-3 December the tutorials will be held in Edinburgh (see ).
Read more…

SAM-Grid successfully demonstrated at D0 Collaboration Meeting
October 14th, 2002

The SAM-Grid team demonstrated the submission of analysis jobs to remote sites, including basic request brokering using an enhanced version of CondorG. A Monitoring and Information web tool prototype (see ) displayed the job’s progress at the 3 test sites, FermiLab, UTA and Imperial College London. Read more…

Third call for PPARC e-Science Studentships
October 9th, 2002

PPARC’s e-Science Studentship programme has so far allocated some twenty e-Science studentships. The first ten have just completed their first year and the second ten are about to commence. PPARC have now announced a third call for proposals for e-Science studentships starting in October 2003. For full details see Read more…

GridPP Portal Demonstrated
September 27th, 2002

A prototype GridPP Portal that allows users to submit jobs to the EU DataGrid Testbed through a web interface was demonstrated at the recent GridPP Collaboration meeting at Imperial College. Read more…

GridPP Demonstrations at the UK e-Science All Hands Meeting
August 30th, 2002

GridPP is contributing a number of demonstrations, posters and talks at the UK e-Science All Hands Meeting in Sheffield, 2-4 September 2002. See for all the GridPP abstracts submitted to the meeting. Read more…

5th GridPP Collaboration Meeting at Imperial College
August 23rd, 2002

The 5th GridPP Collaboration Meeting will be held at Imperial College on 16th-17th September 2002. For full details and registration details see Read more…

EU DataGrid Testbed 1.2 released
August 12th, 2002

This is the first production release since the 1.0 release at the start of this year. GridPP has made major contribution to this software in the areas of Globus, Mass Storage, Information Services and Installation procedures. Read more…

Computer Science Fellowships
July 31st, 2002

Applications are invited from the EPSRC under the e-Science core programme for computer science fellowships with the International Virtual-Data Grid Laboratory (iVDGL) in GRID technologies, and at CERN in GRID technologies. Read more…

GGF5 in Edinburgh
July 25th, 2002

The Fifth Global Grid Forum (GGF5) was held in Edinburgh from 21 to 24 July 2002. Over 25 members of GridPP were among more than 900 participants. The workshop consisted of a number of Plenary Talks, Working and Research Group meetings, Birds of a Feather (BOF) sessions and informal meetings. Read more…

LCG High Level Planning
July 12th, 2002

A paper summarising the current state of the high level planning of Phase 1 of the LHC Computing Grid Project (LCG) has been prepared by the LCG Project Execution Board (see or ). The paper was presented to the LHCC on 5 July 2002 by Les Robertson (see ). Read more…

OGSA Early Adopters Workshop
July 6th, 2002

Around a hundred people (including members of GridPP) turned up for the “OGSA Early Adopters Workshop” at the end of May at ANL. The two day meeting was introduced by Ian Foster who explained that though Globus was popular it had its shortcomings and that by moving towards a Web Service approach these would be overcome. He stressed their commitment to provide some level of backward compatibility at the API level. Read more…

GridPP sponsors joint ATLAS, LHCb Workshop
May 31st, 2002

GridPP sponsored a workshop to discuss the Grid activities of the two LHC experiments, ATLAS and LHCb. The meeting took place at Cosener’s House on the 22nd and 23rd of May 2002. Read more…

Getting started on the EDG Testbed
May 24th, 2002

It is now relatively straightforward for anyone to start to use the EDG testbed. To run a simple job such as “Hello World”, all you need is a valid Grid certificate, be a member of a Virtual Organisation (VO) and have access to a User Interface (UI).
Read more…

First significant use of UK particle physics Grid
May 11th, 2002

Alex Howard of Imperial College has made the first significant use of the UK particle physics Grid. Alex has submitted over a hundred jobs to 16 Grid nodes at Imperial and 8 Grid nodes at RAL running EDG middleware. Read more…

4th GridPP Collaboration Meeting at Manchester
May 2nd, 2002

The 4th GridPP Collaboration Meeting will be held at Manchester on 9th-10th May 2002. For full details and registration details see Read more…

GridPP demonstrated at NeSC opening
April 25th, 2002

GridPP provided three demonstrators at the official opening of NeSC by Gordon Brown – middleware development illustrated by Dynamic Grid Optimisation and application development illustrated by Building the Grid for BaBar and Exploiting the Grid to Simulate and Design the LHCb Experiment. Read more…

First TierA/Prototype Tier1 Hardware delivered
March 13th, 2002

The first of the UK BaBar Tier-A/Prototype LHC Tier-1 Centre hardware was delivered to RAL today. Three racks holding 156 dual cpu PCs arrived, a total of 312 1.4GHz Pentium III Tualatin cpus. Read more…

LHC Computing Grid Project launched
March 11th, 2002

A workshop to launch the LHC Computing Grid Project (LCG) was held at CERN from 11-15 March 2002. Further details with the agenda and links to the talks can be found at Read more…

Fourth EDG Conference in Paris
March 4th, 2002

The fourth DataGrid conference was held in Paris from 4-8 March 2002.
Further details with the agenda and links to the talks can be found at Read more…

The DataGrid project successfully passes the first year review
March 1st, 2002

The first year EU review of the DataGrid project took place in Geneva at CERN on 1 March 2002. The EU reviewers and the Scientific Officer Kyriakos Baxevanidis appreciated the work done so far by the project office and by all the work packages. Read more…

RAL included in successful deployment of DataGrid 1.1
March 1st, 2002

For the EU Review of DataGrid on 1st March a Testbed 1.1 Grid of five sites was successfully deployed at CERN, RAL, IN2P3-Lyon, CNAF-Bologna and  NIKHEF. Demonstrations included jobs running at all sites and the movement of data between them. Read more…

Second round of PPARC funded GRID Computing Opportunities at CERN announced
February 25th, 2002

PPARC and CERN are looking to fill a number of posts, located at CERN, aimed at addressing the LHC computing challenge. The posts are available at a range of levels and computing fields. For further details click here.

Second round of PPARC e_Science Studentships announced
February 25th, 2002

PPARC have allocated a further 10 e-Science studentships to start in October 2002. The successful applicants were Bristol (Object Store technology), Cambridge (IP Multicast), Edinburgh (Very Large Scale Configuration), Edinburgh (VO Association Tool), Glasgow (Grid Data Management), Imperial (SAM Job Submission decisions), Manchester (PP Healthcare), Oxford (CDF Grid Integration), Oxford (Monitoring, Control & Error Recovery) and QMUL (Vista/GridPP).

X.509 Certificates authenticate file transfers across the Atlantic
February 21st, 2002

On 19 February 2002, D0 collaborators from Lancaster University and Imperial College successfully transferred files between the US and UK, authenticated by X.509 certificates issued by the DOE and UK Certificate Authorities. For further details click here.

Fourth Global Grid Forum held in Toronto
February 17th, 2002

The Fourth Global Grid Forum was held in Toronto on 17-20 February 2002, attended by several members of GridPP. Further details with the agenda and links to the talks can be found here.

Third GridPP Collaboration Meeting held at Cambridge
February 14th, 2002

The third GridPP Collaboration Meeting was held at Cambridge, in conjunction with the Cambridge e-Science Centre, on 14-15 February 2002. Further details with the agenda and links to the talks can be found here.