The GridPP Deployment Board

Note that as of September 2010 the Deployment Board has been disbanded and its function replaced by bi-yearly joint meetings of the Project Management Board and Operations Team.

The GridPP Deployment Board (DB) has overall responsibility for the deployment strategy and the integration of Tier-1 and Tier-2 resources into a production quality Grid to meet the needs of the experiments. This is also the forum where providers and users formally meet so that direct dialogue takes place. The GridPP2 Deployment Board pages can be found here.

Terms of Reference

The Deployment Board meets ~quarterly to:
  1. provide the Production Manager and Deployment Team with strategic guidance on the current issues and current priorities for the deployment of a production quality Grid for Particle Physics in the UK;
  2. report to the Project Management Board, through its chair, on progress towards this goal and to raise issues if necessary;
  3. provide a forum where users concerns are discussed directly with the providers;
  4. ensure that problems and ideas with implications beyond individual sub-groups are discussed and solved in the most efficient manner;
  5. manage the deployment of GridPP hardware resources in the UK and the relationship between Tier-1 and Tier-2 sites, ensuring the efficient and effective delivery the Particle Physics Grid with the minimum of duplication;
  6. deal with matters of coordination and liaison between UK Tier-1 and Tier-2s and to ensure adequate internal Tier-2 coordination;
  7. monitor the performance of the Tier-1 and Tier-2s against MOU commitments and to identify any issues pertinent to the success of the UK Grid service.

Deployment Board Membership

ChairSteve Lloyd
Tier-1 Technical RepresentativeDerek Ross
Production ManagerJeremy Coles
ATLAS RepresentativeJames Catmore
ScotGrid ManagementPhil Clark
CMS RepresentativeStuart Wakefield
ScotGrid CoordinatorGraeme Stewart
LHCb RepresentativeRaja Nandakumar
NorthGrid ManagementRoger Jones
Other Experiments RepresentativeGlenn Patrick
NorthGrid CoordinatorAlessandra Forti
Security IssuesDave Kelsey
SouthGrid ManagementPete Watkins
Grid Ireland RepresentativeJohn Walsh
SouthGrid CoordinatorPete Gronbech
NGS RepresentativeAndy Richards
LondonGrid ManagementDave Colling
Technical DirectorTony Doyle
LondonGrid CoordinatorDuncan Rand
Project LeaderDave Britton
Tier-1 ManagementAndrew Sansum

Deployment Board Meetings

24 August 2010  - (Draft) Minutes  |  16 April 2010  - Minutes  |  10 September 2009  - Minutes  |  3 April 2009  - Minutes  |  5 September 2008  - Minutes  |  27 June 2008  - Minutes  |  13 March 2008  - Minutes

Deployment Board Policies

Inefficient Jobs Policy
Security Policies

Deployment Board Documents

GridPP3 MoU
(Updated 4 October 2010)

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