GridPP Middleware

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GridPP is developing middleware software mostly in conjunction with the Enabling Grids for E-sciencE project (EGEE). The Middleware is being deployed on the GridPP infrastructure for use by Particle Physics and other applications.

Middleware Coordinator and EGEE Liaison

The UK and Ireland contact for the EGEE Project and Middleware coordinator in GridPP is:

Robin Middleton (

Workload Management

GridPP Contact: David Colling (
EGEE Web Pages GridPP Web Pages

Data and Storage Management

EGEE Web Pages

Data Management and Metadata

GridPP Contact: Tony Doyle (
GridPP Web Pages

Storage Management

GridPP Contact:
GridPP Web Pages

Information Services

GridPP Contact: Steve Fisher (
EGEE Web Pages


GridPP Contact: Andrew McNab (
EGEE Web Pages
GridSite project pages

Network Services

GridPP Contact: Peter Clarke (
EGEE Web Pages
GridPP Web Pages

(Quaterly reports are available to authorised co-ordinators and PMB members within GridPP.)

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